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This is the story of are lovely planet Mother Earth when it is nearing her very end because of the Earthling's greed and pollution from all the vehicles that the Earthlings buy just to show how great and rich they are on planet Earth. Lets let the story Begin, I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Beginning of mother Earth's Destruction:
Years have passed by very fast like lighting and now the planet Earth's ozone is beginning to show signs of mother Earth's destruction because the Earthlings Pollution became very greatly throughout the years, so the ozone is starting to give in and dispatch quite rapidly through the years to come. The scientist and professors are starting to send out warnings to the president and all the leaders throughout the world of planet Earth about the destruction of the ozone and to follow up the total destruction of Earth.

The leaders just laughed about the problems of the ozone and they never believed that planet Earth will be destroyed just because the scientist, astronomy professors said, the leaders just think it is just another theory and rumor that the scientist and astronomy professors are spreading throughout the world.

The leaders never believed what the the letter of warning said they would always shred up the letter of warning in the shredding machines they always had next to their work desks since they didn't care what the scientist and the professors of astronomy said in the letter, but they do read it.

Than they totally shred it when they laugh after reading it to themselves without a second thought about what the scientist and Professors of Astronomy say might be truly the truth about what they said in the letter of warning about planet Earths total destruction because of the ozone's dispatching around the earth's atmosphere that lets the pollution raise up to the ozone of the Earthlings planet that they are living on, well when you don't believe the scientist and astronomy Professors your life will be in jeopardy when the great storm hits and people will die in the destruction of the planet and some will survive in the end.

The survivors will be transferred to a brand new home and planet to spend the rest of their lives with guilt and sadness, for what the Earthlings done to their lovely planet and gorgeous homes that they lived in and on for their whole lives.

Ever since they were children and young adults themselves on their very own worlds of the planet Earth that the humans are destroying for their own occurs of things all around the whole wide world with deaths by their own suicidal deaths by smoking and jumped in front of speeding bullet trains on the tracks and many other kinds of suicidal attempts in their lifetime.  

They feel really dumb since they were super lazy and was careless on and in their own world that they polluted
from such a long years of there construction of  all the factories in their Countries and states they are living in their lifetimes in this old world.

One day total destruction of our old world, called mother Earth where life was born into this life time and Death came to almost all living thing within and on the Planet and the Survivors from the destruction of the world was transferred to a brand new wold with a lot more strict laws and punishments to those who disrespect all the laws on the brand new world that the Earthlings were taken to survive the rest of their lives.

So the new planet is called planet Xeros where every living thing can live happily with each other and the ancient citizens that was already living there will teach every new citizen from planet Earth about their home and lands with farms and cities are separated from each other for the farmers can have their own land and acres to raise all kinds of livestock and planets for everybody can live in total happiness and joy on their brand new planet.

With the ancient citizens of planet Xeros and the brand new citizens of earth and many other planets that got totally destroyed by a comet or a huge pollution problem that nobody could fix no matter how hard they tried to prevent total destruction of their very own planet that they lived on for ages ever since their years of many eras of their past leaders in all of the years throughout generations and descendants of all their lives.

It took many years to create Earth how the citizens wanted it to be like so the survivals of planet Earth felt super guilty of what they done to destroy their  lovely mother Earth just because all the pollution destroyed their very beautiful home planet, since the Earthlings never had any kind of second thought about saving their gorgeous home.

The reason why was because of the Earthlings greed and selfishness for money and showing off their huge vehicles that they bought and kept for just show and stupidity towards their own kind on planet earth. If anybody of Earth tries to change anything on Planet Xeros they get thrown off of planet Xero's guards from the lord known as Aston as a consequence and warning towards the other earthlings that stepped foot on planet Xeros, that survived from planet Earths total destruction year of their lifespans total end.


United States

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